Working Papers


  • Valentina Milano. Risk Sharing in the Euro Zone: the Role of European Institutions. CeLEGWP01-17


  • Alexandre Lucas Cole, Chiara Guerello, Guido Traficante. Government Debt Deleveraging in the EMU. CeLEGWP03-16
  • Alexandre Lucas Cole, Chiara Guerello, Guido Traficante. One EMU Fiscal Policy for the EURO. CeLEGWP02-16
  • Angela Cipollone, Paolo E. Giordani. Entrepreneurs Meet Financiers: Evidence from the Business Angel Market. CeLEGWP01-16


  • Luca Flabbi, Mario Macis, Andrea Moro and Fabiano SchivardiDo Female Executives Make a Difference? The Impact of Female Leadership on Gender Gaps and Firm Performance. CeLEGWP07-15
  • Andrew Ellul, Marco Pagano and Fabiano SchivardiEmployment and Wage Insurance within Firms: Worldwide Evidence. CeLEGWP06-15
  • Angela Cipollone, Paolo E. GiordaniMarket Frictions in Entrepreneurial Innovation: Theory and Evidence. CeLEGWP05-15
  • Riccardo Massari, Paolo Naticchioni and Giuseppe Ragusa. Unconditional and Conditional Wage Polarization in EuropeCeLEGWP04-15
  • Luisa Corazza and Orsola Razzolini. Who Is an Employer? CeLEGWP03-15
  • Alberto PetrucciDeviating from the Friedman Rule: A Good Idea with Illegal Immigration? CeLEGWP02-15
  • Alberto PetrucciPure Rent Taxation and Growth in a Two-Sector Open EconomyCeLEGWP01-15


  • Pietro Reichlin. Social Security, Unemployment Risk and Efficient Bargaining between Unions and Firms. CeLEGWP01-13


  • Angela Cipollone and Paolo E. Giordani. Animal Spirits in Entrepreneurial Innovation: Theory and Evidence. CeLEGWP01-12


  • Angela Cipollone. Education as a Precautionary Asset. CeLEGWP08-11
  • Urszula Szczerbowicz. Are Unconventional Monetary Policies Effective? CeLEGWP07-11
  • Silvana Sciarra. Experiments in the Open Method of Coordination: Measuring the Impact of EU Employment Policies. CeLEGWP06-11
  • Michele Battisti and Giovanna Vallanti. Flexible Wage Contracts, Temporary Jobs and Worker Performance: Evidence from Italian Firms. CeLEGWP05-11
  • Luisa Lambertini, Caterina Mendicino and Maria Teresa Punzi. Leaning Against Boom-Bust Cycles in Credit and Housing Prices. CeLEGWP04-11
  • Angela Cipollone, Marcella Corsi and Carlo D’Ippoliti. Knowledge and Job Opportunities in a Gender Perspective: Insights from Italy. CeLEGWP03-11
  • Luca Zamparelli. Induced Innovation, Endogenous Growth, and Income Distribution: A Model along Classical Lines. CeLEGWP02-11
  • Paolo E. Giordani and Michele Ruta. Coordination Failures in Immigration Policy. CeLEGWP01-11


  • Michele Battisti and Christopher Parmeter. Convergence Tools and Mixture Analysis. CeLEGWP07-10
  • Alessandro Muscio, Davide Quaglione, and Giovanna Vallanti. Does Government Research Funding to Universities Substitute, Complement or Leverage Industry Funding? CeLEGWP06-10.
  • Francesco Vona and Luca Zamparelli. Centralized Wage Setting and Labor Market Policies: the Nordic Model Case. CeLEGWP05-10
  • Paolo Naticchioni and Andrea Ricci. Decreasing Wage Inequality in Italy: The Role of Supply and Demand for Education. CeLEGwp04-10
  • Fabiano Schivardi and Eliana Viviano. Entry Barriers in Retail Trade. CeLEGWP03-10
  • Claudio Michelacci and Fabiano Schivardi. Does Idiosyncratic Business Risk Matter?. CeLEGWP02-10
  • Matteo Bugamelli, Fabiano Schivardi and Roberta Zizza. The euro and firm restructuring. CeLEGWP01-10


  • Giuseppe Arbia, Michele Battisti and Gianfranco Di Vaio. Institutions and Geography: Empirical Test of Spatial Growth Models for European Regions. CeLEGWP07-09
  • Silvana Sciarra. Trusting Judges to Deliver Changes: Italy, the EU and Labour Law. CeLEGWP06-09
  • Paolo E. Giordani and Michele Ruta. The Immigration Policy Puzzle. CeLEGWP05-09
  • Paolo E. Giordani and Michele Ruta. Prejudice and Immigration. CeLEGWP04-09
  • Paolo E. Giordani and Luca Zamparelli. On Robust Asymmetric Equilibria in Asymmetric R&D-Driven Growth Economies. CeLEGWP03-09
  • Gianfranco Di Vaio and Kerstin Enflo. Did Globalization Lead to Segmentation? Identifying Cross-Country Growth Regimes in the Long-Run. CeLEGWP02-09
  • Angela Cipollone and Carlo D’Ippoliti. Women’s Employment: Beyond Individual Characteristics vs. Contextual Factors Explanations. CeLEGWP01-09

Last Updated: July 10, 2009

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