Research Areas


The labour programme addresses a wide variety of issues, ranging from the impact of macroeconomic factors such as technology, trade and institutions on labour outcomes, to the impact of skill and education acquisition on the characteristics of the labour supply, and to the interdisciplinary analysis of labour issues. In particular, the Center focuses on the following topics: skills, education and labour market outcome; the impact of technology, institutions and trade on labour market performances; industrial relations in an interdisciplinary approach.

Economic Growth

The economic growth research area aims to explain the changing pattern of cross-country/region inequalities, looking at the role of factors accumulation, trade, and technology, as main determinants of growth and income convergence dynamics. The main topics of research are related to both theoretical and empirical issues, like models of growth and distribution, income convergence measurement and assessment of explanatory factors.


The focus of this area is dedicated to the ongoing developments of employment law, both at national, European and transnational level. Mobility of labor and companies has an impact on the functions of labor law, which need to be re-stated. Attention is paid to the interaction among different collective actors (employers’ and labor organizations) and labor market institutions. Privileged areas of research are: labor market policies, transnational collective agreements, posting of workers in a free provision of services, labor migration flows.

Last Updated: February 11, 2010

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